Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Claire Woodward got her undergraduate degree in Environmental Policy at Western Washington University. Since graduating in 2012, she has dedicated her career to working in non-profit organizations doing conservation work and environmental education. Throughout her career Claire has taught students about salmon and freshwater habitat outdoors in the dark and damp Pacific Northwest; she’s led groups of volunteers into the hot and humid Manu National Park in Peru, doing butterfly research and education; she’s done watershed and climate education while living on her bicycle and cycling 2,000 miles; and explored with kids of all ages outdoors in the ever changing mountain climate of Colorado. In addition to environmental education, Claire has taught art, science, sports, team-building, trail-building, and much more. She is passionate about getting kids engaged in making, creating and being outdoors learning about the natural world around them. Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Natural Resource Stewardship, Claire is excited to share her knowledge with kids at the Aspen Youth Center and develop programming to help each kid here make everlasting memories.