Art Spot

Art Spot is an art class where kids can be imaginative and express themselves!


At the Aspen Youth Center we provide a safe and supportive environment for the kids. We want them to be able to use this space to grow and try new things.…

Indoor / Outdoor Games

When the weather is nice, we love to do outdoor activities with the kids! We will go out to the fields and play big games of soccer or kickball. We…

Myth Busters

Myth Busters is a science class where kids can experiment with projects from color-changing slime to self inflating balloons! We want to make science fun and lets kids questions different…

Top Chef

Top Chef is a cooking class for kids to explore the wonders of food! Each week they get to try a different savory or sweet recipe and learn cooking processes…


Who doesn’t like some good old competition?! We do tournaments a couple times a week that include Foosball, Air Hockey, Ping Pong, Pool, Bumper Pool, Mario Kart, Just Dance, Knock…


Aspen Youth Center is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing
a safe and supportive place where youth connect, learn, and grow during their out-of-school hours.

Your donations ensure that we can continue doing this for FREE.